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4 tips for smart health from your smart phone

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

With increased use of our mobile phone devices, using social media, for work, Canva Creations, business, calls, marketing, Zoom meetings, MS teams for schooling.... it can all get a bit draining.

It is also true that I have seen many people using their mobiles to increase their wellness, exercise and develop good habits such as meditation, monitor sleep and jogging.

Our mobile phone is involved someway or another. According to Statista mobile phone usage increased to 4 billion users between 2017 and 2019.

We use our mobile phone to get and share information worldwide and its uses do not seem to be forever expanding.

The uses we are engaging in have been extended beyond the typical realm of day to day functioning and that comes with being in a developing world.

I am guilty of too much device time but in all honesty, as long as better management of my device is monitored then I have better chances of getting things done off of my device, like looking after myself and my family and my surroundings.

I am a big believer of maximising your device usage because I am also a victim of the deadly scroll!

I find myself jumping between apps, scrolling through information that can potentially be useful, but more often that not, the time spent 'businessing', socialising, creating or educating does take it's toll if not managed with some small simple steps. Here, I share with you 4 simple tips that I use to better manage my health, my wellbeing and screen time with the support of my smart phone. Self care can be incorporated into the things in and around your surroundings that you are exposed to

Have you ever thought about the smarter ways you can use your phone to aid your health? Here are my 4 tips for better device use that can help better your health.


1. Use time management apps on your phone. Many new phones come with a built in app or feature that allows you to set a limit on your screen time. If it doesn't I strongly recommend that you download one and get into the habit of using it as a means of self discipline.

Check out some of these recommendations by Guiding Tech the main idea it that you set a reminder in the evening for your phone to time you out by a certain hour. You can use this feature to better manage your evening wind down time. There are also some apps that allow you to set usage limits and monitor hourly screentime so you can track at which points of the day you are most active on your device.


2. Try using positive affirmations and statements as a screen saver. This is one of my favourites because you can have them set for home screen, lock screen, even for WhatsApp background. Where ever you can get a background image, use this method. Some phones allow you to set pictures on rotation, gather minimum 15 images that you can set in your rotation list that uplift you and make you smile or bring you to a state of happiness. Being reminded of the positive things in life is a great way to boost your mood throughout your day, this aids your mental and emotional wellbeing development. If you are struggling, check out our Instagram feed or Facebook gallery for some inspiration.


3. Record a good morning message and set it as your alarm. I can sometimes cringe to the sound of my own voice, but as a singer I have had to get used to it more and more. This method is really good for those "I AM" statements that you listen to in the morning. You can also set a motivational message or some lively happy music to get your day started right. We all have hit that snooze button when our alarms are screaming at us to wake up and we are so tempted to throw the phone across the room! Sound familiar?

Waking up agitated and slightly aggressive is usually because of the sounds we are woken up by.

Try a more calming sound to see if this improves your wake up mood. We have some recommended motivational videos on our YouTube "Inspired Me" playlist or check out our Grand Rising playlist on Spotify


4. Use the health management apps - you can download some health monitoring and improvement apps to help you track the things we need throughout the day to optimize our wellbeing. There are some really great apps that you use as recommended by Medical News Today and Happier Human

It can be tiresome using multiple apps to track multiple avenues of wellness so I encourage you to find one that tracks some of the most important aspects of your wellbeing. Rather than trying to find the perfect app that looks into sleep regulation, drinking water, mood tracker, motivation, activities and food intake etc, think about what is most important to you right now and find a central place that will support you to monitor these things and not become reliant.

I hope this helps, also check out the audio version of this blog here Smart Phone + Smart Health = Healthier You

With love

Rhyana XOXOX

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