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Lockdown vs Solitude 2.0

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

As the United Kingdom now enters the second lockdown of 2020, there are new measures that are just as confusing than the last.

A smog of uncertainty, pain and fear lingers in the air across the country, I want to share 3 tips from solitude 1.0 that can help us all get through these next few weeks.... or realistically it could be potentially months.

1. Refraining is so essential.

Notice how the blog has been called solitude versus lockdown? This has been deliberately done because being "locked down" has so many negative connotations. For many people, this can be very triggering for them which is why there are so many strange and unusual behaviours you may have seen from people around you, in the media etc.

The mental exhaustion of fear, confinement and uncertainty to name a few can really play havoc on peoples mental wellbeing and emotions. I chose to make the "lockdown" the way I want in order for me to better manage this time and be kinder to my spirit so I made the active choice to reframe it.

Reframing is a therapeutic technique used in coaching, mentoring, NLP and therapy where you are guided to change your perspective on a situation, place, person of thing that is negatively impacting your behaviour, emotions or functioning.

Using reframing techniques can help you develop a more positive internal dialogue with yourself,

positively influencing your interactions and understanding of the world around you.

Choose to think of this time of "lockdown" as your time to take solace, be at peace and living in tranquil harmony in order to fully pay attention to your internal needs.

2. Make a plan of how you want solitude to work for you.

New habits forming?

Old habits dying?

Learning something new?

Start that project?

Find that new job?

Whatever it is, keep occupied with something you can plan out for the short to long term. There are loads of free courses on the Future Learn Website, there is also the Open University free courses which have such a variety to keep you occupied during this time. The range of events for entrepreneurship, health and education on Eventbrite can really help you with your options.

Additionally, if you are wanting something a bit more chill and relaxed, I have attended loads of free virtual events in the UK and across the pond on platforms such as Verzuz

If you are interested in learning more about yourself, try our 7 day journaling challenge that was specifically designed to help you grow closer towards a more joyful being. Join the Journal to Joy challenge today

Something I aim to do is maintain better connections with people in my network and begin learning to play my guitar that I have been putting off for two years!

3. Build an unshakable force field of faith and hope.

Two key ingredients to life we all need and can use.

Faith refers to the complete trust and belief what is often intangible as it is not visible. Walking in blind faith is a phrase that refers to your ability to the actions and steps you may take without the requirement of proof.

Hope is the optimistic possibilities and expectations that is built up when trusting that something good (and for some malicious people - not so good) will happen. Many people find it difficult to be hopeful, find hope in uncertain times or create a sense of hope or joy for others.

It is understandable. It is okay. With so much going on around us, we sometimes need to develop the understanding that possibilities and change are upon the horizon. An informative blog I found on outlines how beneficial remaining hopeful is to your mental wellbeing - especially the tip that discusses leaning in towards honest and authentic connections.

With the upcoming seasonal holiday, things may still be up in the air and we may not know what celebrating with our families may look like.

I want to encourage you to have faith in knowing you have the power and ability to make it work for you, your family and life beyond Covid.

Come along to our December Perception Sessions workshop where we will be discussing tips on how to manage the holiday season with compassion and care.

Overall, the message I am trying to give here is to make this time your solitude 2.0 rather than lockdown 2.0. It is easier said than done and there have been many times I have felt the emotional pull too.

I try my best to let the feelings pass and when I am able to, I think back to all of the things that I am able to mindset and outlook is one of them.

So the silver lining I am taking from the last 8 months, I have the power to create my own solace.......

What are your silver linings?

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