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All about Rhyana Ebanks-Babb
Founder and CEO of 
P.L.A.N.N Wholesome Empowerment Group


My name is Rhyana Ebanks-Babb and I am the Founder and CEO of P.L.A.N.N Wholesome Empowerment Group. I am a Mumpreneur and work as an Independent Advocate within Mental Health and Social Care.  I am educated to Masters level in Clinical and Community Psychology, with over 12 years of experience in Mental Health, Youth work in Practice, Care and Support work and Early Years.

​I spend my weekends volunteering at a young women's charity called The Womanhood Academy which aims to equip young women with the practical and emotional tools for womanhood, something that is very dear to me.



I am passionate about self-empowerment and personal development because I believe that we are all able to break the cycle of self-destructive thoughts, speech and behaviours. From a young age, I lost my mother and suffered with emotional silencing but while working through my own traumas, I discovered I had been blessed with the gift of writing as a form of expression. This developed immensely throughout my years of womanhood and self exploration.

Now I write and sing empowering music, poetry and spoken word as a personal method of uplifting myself throughout my ongoing journey. I use this gift to help others cultivate and create their own healing practices through defining personal creative mediums.


I recognise the need for transformative change, not only within society but first within ourselves. I believe in taking a holistic viewpoint on remedying our situational upheaval and building resilience to overcome adversities personal to us. Once we can commit to this, we can then help others to save themselves.

Amalgamating my passion, my profession, what is needed in the world and what I can be paid for, I have found my purpose! It is P.L.A.N.N!

**DISCLAIMER** Practices used in any P.L.A.N.N service should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional help

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*DISCLAIMER* P.L.A.N.N Wholesome Empowerment Group services are NOT meant to be used as a substitute for engaging with a mental health professional. If you need signposting, please check out our additional support page or get in touch 

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