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A range of Emotional Resilience support programmes, workshops, support resources and much more....


"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." - Dr Maya Angelou


How best I can help you

on your journey

I believe that you are the conductor of your life, journey and the process. I also understand that in order for any change to ignite, both parties require a connection and need to feel like the right fit for each other.


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Emotional Resilience Programmes 

One to one and group programmes available

Our Emotional Resilience programmes are aimed to support you with emotional development, self awareness and personal empowerment through the Signature P.L.A.N.N framework. 
Packages are aimed at individuals/families/colleagues and friendship groups who identify that change is required in order to move forward in life.


Workshop Curator and Facilitator

Contemplative and Psychologically Informed workshops

Our workshops are specifically curated to aid and develop your critical awareness and creative thinking, explore personal and world issues in a safe space to learn lessons for positive change.

All workshops are centered around increasing self confidence, self esteem, self image and self worth. Provided for all ages, we can tailor workshops to a specific topic of interest on request, please get in touch for more details.


Visionary Services

Vision of Utopia - Vision board sessions

We provide support to help you define and explore what living in your perfect world would look like. We offer you a chance to create a visual representation of your Vision of Utopia. 

This workshop is suitable for personal well being goals, changes to family needs or bringing a company vision to life.



Available for topical conversations on a variety of issues including:

- Finding your passion
- Goal setting and achievement
- Working away from stress and anxiety
- Parenthood/young motherhood
- Issues of black women, children and communities
- Grief, loss and healing parental wounds
- Defining and Finding love
- Developing well being practices