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Our Story

The P.L.A.N.N is a proactive and creative venture aimed at supporting you with the process of; self help, self care and self healing. We aim to help you foster, nurture and sustain life prospering strategies to help you to triumph over real life battles.


​Birthed in 2018 as a means of self-support to help ourselves, close friends and family to overcome some of the every day struggles many of us face daily, we quickly realised that this kind of focused support is not readily available everywhere.

About: Mission, vision, aims and values
About: Mission

How We Help 

We provide information for building mental wealth and emotional resilience through evidence-based, psychologically informed approaches to create self-help tools, self-healing strategies and self-care tips. Our services aim to rebuild the disconnection with your inner self, supporting your healing journey. Whether it be self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth or self-image - tapping into your amazing human qualities.

By taking a person centered approach to our work, we offer workshops, consultation, speaking services, emotional resilience coaching and an array of resources that have developed using evidenced based education, work and personal life experiences​


We take an integrated approach to our work, which includes principles rooted in behaviour psychology, positive psychology, community psychology, neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, narrative therapies, CBT, DBT, trauma theory, family and systemic therapy, liberation psychology and much more...

About: Mission
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