Helping people to triumph over real life battles by supporting the development of self help and healing strategies, enabling you to work towards a better version of yourself


Our Story

P.L.A.N.N stands for







P.L.A.N.N is a proactive and creative venture aimed at supporting you with the process of; self-development, self-empowerment and self liberation. We aim to help you foster, nurture and sustain life prospering strategies to better different areas of your life – getting you from A to Z.


​P.L.A.N.N was birthed in 2018 as a means of self-support and transformative change. We have a person centered, family oriented and community cohesion approach to our work and have developed our framework using the tools and lessons learnt through evidenced based education, work and personal life experiences​. 


It was brought to light that so many others could benefit from the support and self-help strategies to overcome every day issues for both individual and collective struggles many of us face daily.


Our framework, Coaching packages and workshops have been developed from a number of Psychological approaches, and applications in addition to  Social and Community based interventions

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Our beliefs and values 

We believe that everybody has the abilities, skills and power to positively direct their lives. With nurturing, encouragement and the right resources/tools, you are more than able to achieve the right mindset! Our values make up the acronym of our name, P.L.A.N.N stands for:


  • Positive: Focus on positive mental positioning

  • Loving: Working in a loving, honest and real way

  • Achieving: Acknowledging and respecting all progress

  • Nurturing: Nurture and sustain the right mind set and motivation

  • Network: Provide a network of services to aid your development

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How We Help 

We have a real understanding of people and want to help you rebuild the disconnection with your inner self, supporting your healing journey. Whether it be self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth or self-image - we aim to support you to tap into your amazing qualities.


Using our framework we want to help you to facilitate open and honest conversations with yourself. We want you to understand what is important in your life, explore how to get there and heal along the way using well researched methods/practices. We motivate, support and encourage you to utilise every learning  opportunity presented in your life.