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The Power of 7

The Power of 7 is your answer to an Ultimate Wellness Guide. This booklet has been created to give you supportive tips and tools to develop a personalised, go to, 7 day self care regime, that is catered to your needs.


Daily Growth Tracker

A 31 day habit tracker to help you track your growth of forming new habits and ridding of old ones.

Daily Growth Tracker 2021.png

70 Positive Words

A list of positive words to help you build your powerful affirmations, mantras and self talk.


Mindfulness Star

Follow the star's instructions - breath work is good for the mind, body and soul. 


Self Care Checklist

From meditation to a short workout, this self care checklist has some great ideas that you can try today! 


Weekly Planner

Mindfully plan your week with our weekly planner. designed to help you track daily hydration, prioritise 3 daily habits, set a weekly affirmation and more!

Week by week planner.jpg

Prioritisation Matrix

Prioritise your daily, weekly or monthly tasks and never ending to do lists. Decide on what to begin working on by mapping tasks into these 4 quadrants


30 Days of Self Love

30 days of self care activites to help you cultivate some self love in your life this winter in honour of self care awraeness week


Self Care Rules 101

8 self care rules to help you better understand the basis and purpose of why self care is important. 

Self Care Rules 101.png

7 reasons to journal

Provides you with 7 proven benefits of journaling, formed in the J.O.U.R.N.A.L acronym.

journal infographic_edited.jpg
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