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About The S.E.L.F Project


The S.E.L.F Project is a series of in depth conversations with the 'everyday professional' about how to develop the S.E.L.F - we are all professionals and experts of our life and what has worked for us to thrive.


The live shows unpack the meaning of these words, how we embody, deny or improve these aspects of SELF and share stories, tips and sources of support for how we can See Every Life Fulfilled


Every fourth Sunday of the month, we select a word based on our guests and audiences’ suggestions that relate to the SELF so make sure you join us to not miss these edifying, soul changing sessions!

See • Every • Life • Fulfilled

Watch the shows live every 4th Sunday of the month

The Power of Self Discovery | The S.E.L.F Project (Roundtable talk + podcast)

The Power of Self Discovery | The S.E.L.F Project (Roundtable talk + podcast)

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What S.E.L.F topics will be explored


At the end of each show, the guests and audience will provide up to 5 suggestions for the next S.E.L.F prefix to explore for the upcoming show - e.g. self-development, self-love, self-govern etc.


A vote will be casted on social media, in our Facebook community, in our Instagram stories, on YouTube and on Twitter


Based on the highest voted prefix, we will then host out next set of 'everyday professionals'.


If you are interested in being a guest, put yourself forward to speak on the upcoming topic using the form below

What are we aiming to achieve 


The See Every Life Fulfilled (S.E.L.F) Project was born out of an aim to make resources accessible to EVERYONE because we all deserve to have the tools to be our better S.E.L.F.


It's such an important topic because the aim is to: 


  • Redefine what a professional means through these meaningful conversations

  • Provide a platform to bring to light the actualisation practices each and everyone of us can benefit from - whatever this looks like for you!

  • Create an abundance of digital resources for becoming happier, healthier human beings - aligning all parts of learning for S.E.L.F


Each show aims to:


Provide empowering conversations to help educate you on the different ways to improve S.E.L.F


People to become their better self through the stories, tools and resources emerging from the project


Our mission to make mental and emotional health resources available to all who need it and equipping as many people as possible with tools, tips and strategies to triumph over real life battles, heal and win


For the shift in what it means to be a 'professional' and 'uncommon' ways for achieving a fulfilled life

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Continue your learning with

The S.E.L.F Project Workbook