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Not ANOTHER to do list!!!

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Okay, so summer is over and we are now entering the Autumn and Winter months. My mind has been a bit frazzled with all these changes going on...the weather, clothing, health, sociability....the is all changing!!! I need some order RIGHT NOW!!! If your reminiscing on your summer vacation and all you have left is the pictures, sandy suitcase and may find it hard to focus because all you want to do is BE BACK THERE SO MUCH!! For some it is the issue of returning to your Monday to Friday at the office, for others it could be that the end of Summer has now meant that order and normal routine can resume, but then the children are on a break AGAIN once you have just got into the swing of it. Your issue could be regularity with your fitness and well being, staying on track with your daily tasks for your gains and health. Maybe your a Mumpreneur such as me trying to make your business thrive but have a million and one things to do without any particular order of importance, whatever your situation may be........let us try and help you. We have devised a simple yet effective checklist that can help with getting simple tasks done. We have listed 6 spaces to ensure that you do not overcrowd your checklist (and mind) because research shows that when you have too many things on your to-do list, we can become overwhelmed with pressure to complete them all or nothing gets done at all.........we are trying to have an in-between approach, we want a good BALANCE !!

So why is our checklist different to the one you have now you say..... 1. Well, our checklist helps with motivation where you can list how committed you are to getting the task done on a scale of 1 to 10 - this is a major problem with all areas of life we bring a false sense of COMMITMENT, which leads to the great PROCRASTINATION and inevitably things don't get done. You begin to feel a bit crappy and think WHY am I doing this anyway! So we eliminating this process by simply rating how committed you are at getting it done because it can then allow you to prioritise what is most important for your day.


2. The other aspect that our to-do list helps with is reflection, you can write down the reasons why things on the list did not get done - we all know that we can add it to tomorrows list but this helps you really think about the obstacles you put in place of execution. Be careful not to write down a list of excuses, but think about the genuine issues that you faced in the day and track how best you can work with them or remove them to avoid this delay in the future. Distractions are the worst when you have an excuse attached to them!!


3. Lastly, the checklist encompasses a section for any lessons you may have learnt or pinpoint an overall lesson from the day you have had. This section allows you the ruminate upon your emotions, thoughts, behaviour and surroundings to conclude on how your day has gone from your own perspective. Ideally, this should be done before bed and can help with setting intentions/tasks for the day coming and just gets your thoughts out of your head before bed providing a clear mental environment for rest, relaxation, recuperation and most importantly.........SLEEP!! With love and organisation Rhyana xoxox

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