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Get into gear with your goals

Have you set any new year goals?

Are you stuck on getting your 2021 goals started?

Have you fallen off or lost momentum?

They may not even be new year goals but life goals in general - I have been there too! I set myself some goals that, let's be realistic, aren't really realistic.

I am a big believer in writing down your goals

I will try to commit to exercise every day, make 'x' amount of content, eat healthy meals for breakfast lunch and dinner, I will spend save 'x' amount of money, i will go on holiday 'x' amount of times in a year.....the list goes on!

Don't get me wrong, all of these are more than achievable, I have to give myself some credit that I actually can sustain one, two or a few of these goals at the same time. Many of these goals contribute to the dreams I want to bring into fruition

That is what I am getting at here.

We tend to give ourselves so many goals all at once, wanting to fulfil them ALL, all at once. Forgetting some of the tools I have utilised such as separating my goals into target goals (needing immediate focus and attention) and maintenance goals (continuously functioning) . We get burnt out trying to sustain and juggle all of these aspects of our lives to become happy and self-fulfilled - That is the unrealistic part of it.

Setting too many goals can be counter productive to the outcome you are seeking or the target you are aiming to reach. It can lead to a fatigue in decision making when you have so many options to choose from. Our focus can dwindle away if we take on too much, become a little fearful of where to start and begin procrastinating away .


Or even the opposite. Becoming so engrossed in exploring many areas, getting fatigued with life choices, being so open to a life overhaul that we do not dedicate the due time and attention to one task that helps with one specific goal

I've been on both ends of the spectrum.

Especially over the last year when everyone around us has been 'forced' to transform and re-evaluate themselves, the way they live, their life prospects and their goals - all at the drop of a hat!

There are so many things that have needed to shift, I felt the resistance in different areas of my life. As much as I wanted these changes for myself, I knew that I was blocking my own growth by not being specific with my intentions.

I knew something had to be done

I have been using a new method, this simple self coaching tool to help kick start your planning and execution.

The 4'c concept was developed and inspired by the Forbes Four P's formula where the writer, David Abehsera, explains the transferrable applications of the Four P's process across industries, I believe the concept can be used in life goal achievement as well as career succession.

The 4'c concept is designed to help you focus on a specific goal, whatever it may be:

Confirm - Whether it is physical, social, spiritual or financial goals, we all have many goals we want to execute. Take time to confirm with yourself which is the most important ones to work on right now. Make a list and deduce which goals will be your target goals and which will be your maintenance goals. Confirm which three you can actively begin working on and make a plan on how you intend to execute them.

Planning is key. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Concentrate - This requires you to tap into your skills, values and unique qualities to develop your own set of motivational habits. You need to create the right mindset in order for you to keep up the momentum. If you need to brush up on some concentration techniques, do so! Stick to your work flow plan and I find it helpful to review things as I go along to make sure the focus is still on track - we can all deviate sometimes. When working on target goals, a good level of concentration is vital.

Remove all distractions where possible but factor in rest time.

Complete - The task is not done until it has all of the final pieces in place. Whether this is a making sure you have everything you need in place to graduate your target goal to a maintenance goal. This doesn't mean that you won't revisit that goal again as you may want to further develop that area once you are in a good place with yourself! Once you have reached your goal, check it off of your goal list, off of your vision board or push it to the back of you mind - wherever you have written them down.

Take a moment to acknowledge that you completed something - no matter what goal it is for.

Congratulate - We focus too much on the large milestones that we need to overcome, mainly because they are mental anchors of an achievement. We tend to place so much importance on the end goal that we believe is life changing. Unfortunately, this takes away the impact of the steps in between that get us there. Your goal may be to save a certain amount by the end of the year, celebrate the pockets of unspent change, the reductions in outgoing bills, the cut backs on expensive coffees and the savings made from gym memberships - these are all benchmarks

There is nothing wrong with celebrating the smaller wins along the journey to the bigger wins.

When you are ready to move on to smashing other goals, use the template for another goal of focus. Download and save the 4'c graphic below and let me know if you found it helpful at all :-)

With love and learning


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