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Firstly, thank you for finding my website and checking out the posts. - Much appreciated! OMD's!! Starting a blog and your first time post can be difficult to write about, daunting and exciting all the same time. But I have had a solid understanding of what content I would want on my website for a long time.

So here is what to expect: * Reflecting my views and stance on life * Reflections on previous workshops and sessions etc * Advice, guidance and support that has been tried and tested * Reviews of useful books and resources for your journey and much more!!! Creating a website and being in charge of something s hands on and in depth, I can truly say is a heartwarming moment. I honestly did not even realise how much effort went into creating something that you love and to the standard that you want it to be. Although being a mother is a job within itself where you are raising a little human and molding them into a balanced being.....there is no competition to building a website by yourself without prior knowledge. This has definitely been a learning curve for me. I have learnt so many skills over this time of updating and developing this site, creating content for it and ensuring there is a good frequency of updating etc that these skills are now invaluable to me - i'm EXTREMELY happy and proud of myself. I finally got there. YASSSSS!! Then reality hit....OMG will anyone even visit the site, will they search it, how will I build an audience etc. I just thought THERE IS SO MANY THINGS TO DO STILL! But then I had to pause and breathe! During my long breaths, I had to think about the many times I have given up on something because it seemed too hard to achieve or it was done wrong in my eyes because it did not go to plan. See, there is so much that can prevent you from clicking that launch button....but I did it anyway....I can always go back and edit!! Even starting this business was a leap of faith, simply because I want to help people...there are lot of people in this world to help but that does not mean that they want YOUR help. Learning along the way that I have tons to offer as a person before any service that I can provide and that is what counts and this is how my business has began, by just being a support network to those who do not have one. So just a closing note to you is to be scared and do it anyway!! Have a leap of faith not only in yourself but your creative ventures. Know that there will be mistakes made, bumps in the road and turns for the question to you is ARE YOU EQUIPPED AND PREPARED FOR THE JOURNEY?? This is the true reflection of your character and people will want to support you just for BEING YOU, flaws and all! So join me on my development and learning process of conjoining motherhood, entrepreneurship and self healing - I guarantee that you will learn something along the way With Love Rhyana XOXO

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