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The Power of 7 Ultimate Wellness Guide

The Power of 7 Ultimate Wellness Guide


The Power of 7 is your answer to an Ultimate Wellness Guide. This booklet has been created to give you supportive tips and tools to develop a personalised, go to, 7 day self care regime, that is catered to your needs.

Encompassing the principles of the power that the number 7 holds, this guide helps with incorporating daily essential tools such as fitness, nutrition, sensory and emotional wellbeing tasks, that have been proven to lead to a happier life.


This guide will help you:

♥ Explore your self care needs

♥ Enable you to create a personalised self care toolkit

♥ Help you make positive healthy changes in your week

♥ Be a go-to toolkit to avoid burn out and fatigue

♥ Help you carve out ME TIME throughout the day, every day of the week


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  • Did you catch the interviews?

    The Power of 7 Ultimate Wellness Guide was officially released during Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24th May 2020) hosted by The Mental Health Foundation which focused on KINDNESS. We felt that the wellness guide would be a supportive tool to aid others in creating a regime of self care and kindness for themselves.

    There has been open discussions about how people are coping now and will cope after the Covid 19 global pandemic. One aspect that has been embedded in this guide is the ability to create a new normal, through habit forming, visualisation, action, connection, movement. These are principals that address your
    5 Ways to Mental Wellbeing in addition to encouraging the use of your 5 bodily senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing) when completing the wellness activities.

    With such a well-rounded guide, we took to the social media platforms to spread the word about how The Power of 7 Ultimate Wellness Guide can support you to create your simple seven day self care toolkit in order to find time to be more kind to yourself. We interviewed some industry experts about each field, such as Tene Edwards - Self Love Poet and Author and advocate, Dennis Busulwa - Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Coach and  Franchesca Pinamang - Counsellor, NLP practitioner, Psychotherapist and Mentor.


    Check out the conversations we had with all of the amazing supporters of the guide - CLICK HERE



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