Helping you to explore the benefits and practicalities of building resilience, sustaining emotional health and raising your self-love awareness. We promote self healing and support you towards a better version of yourself ​​through building on:

Self Confidence

Self Esteem

Self Worth

​Self Image


We are effective in supporting you to make the internal connections that make up your OVERALL SELF. The aim is to support your journey the P.L.A.N.N way.


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the b.i.g meet up london

B.B.I.G. MEET-UP ~ LONDON is a Celebration For Independent Artists & Entrepreneurs Working on BIG Ideas.

This event is the UK book pre-launch and signing of Finding Your B.I.G. by New York based author Olubode Shawn Brown the founder of BLOOM ~ A Global Collective For Visionaries & Change-makers. It is the second in a series of events happening in New York, London and Accra.

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Packages and Programmes

Tailored support packages are aimed to equip you with a toolkit of resources that aids your emotional development, self awareness and personal empowerment 

Virtual and Face to Face Workshops

Workshops are specifically curated to aid and develop your critical awareness and creative thinking, explore personal and world issues in a safe space to learn lessons for positive change.

Goal Setting and Vision Boards

​Vision board workshops suitable for personal well being goals, changes to family needs or bringing a company vision to life. 


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