P.L.A.N.N Wholesome Empowerment Group


Helping people to triumph over real life battles by supporting the development of self help and healing strategies, enabling you to work towards a better version of yourself



Promoting self healing and supporting you towards a better version of yourself

​​Through building on

Self Confidence

Self Esteem

Self Worth

​Self Image

We are effective in supporting you to make introspective connections that help to build on your OVERALL SELF.

Helping you to EXPLORE the benefits and practicalities of sustaining emotional health and raising your self-love awareness.

The aim is to support your journey the P.L.A.N.N way -positively, lovingly, celebrating achievements, nurturing and helping you to build a network of powerful influence.


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Guest on the Re-Education Podcast

With the amazing Simone Ujah, our founder was interviewed on the Re-education Podcast where we delved into conversations about whether work places are changing for the Good or the Bad. We both give first hand experience of how recent events have changed our work places and MORE!!

What we can offer you

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​Emotional Resilience coaching packages are aimed to support you with emotional development, self awareness and personal empowerment through the Signature P.L.A.N.N coaching framework. 


​Our workshops are specifically curated to aid and develop your critical awareness and creative thinking, explore personal and world issues in a safe space to learn lessons for positive change.


​Vision board workshops suitable for personal well being goals, changes to family needs or bringing a company vision to life. 


Available for topical conversations on a variety of subjects


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*DISCLAIMER* P.L.A.N.N Wholesome Empowerment Group services are NOT meant to be used as a substitute for engaging with a mental health professional. If you need signposting, please check out our additional support page or get in touch 

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