Past Events and Collaborations 

We are strong believers in sharing knowledge, building alliances and connecting with like-minded individuals and businesses who can help us to propel our vision and values. Here are some of the events we have had the pleasure to host and collaborate on!


Journal to Joy

1st May -28th May 2020

A 4 week journaling support space for those who have difficulty with navigating through their feelings. ​

Participants will receive 28 journaling prompts, an interactive Journal to Joy booklet with additional reflection activities. The sharing space is sacred and is there to help you get to a balanced, happier and more joyful state of mind through the creative art of JOURNALING.

Managing Missing Mothers

22nd March 2020

A mothers day special virtual space acknowledging that Mothers Day does not look or feel the same to everyone. This two hour workshop is a safe space where you can explore emotions, memories and a chance to share healing tools and strategies to those finding this time emotionally challenging. This workshop is specifically for those who have experienced maternal loss - please respect the space.

Vision of Utopia

11th Jan 2020

This vision board session is to support you to get your New Year goals in place and on track. You will experience our bespoke coaching package to set in place S.M.A.R.T goals to achieve them using our official P.L.A.N.N framework.

You will create a personal vision board that will act as an aid to support you on your journey of manifesting the CLEAR VISION need to succeed in 2020.  You will also  create a collective vision board to display collective goals , aspirations and actions to create a Utopian Society​.

**All resources provided**


2019 Events 


Perception Sessions

Four part workshop series, facilitating spaces for critical dialogue and meaningful conversations around taboo topics. For both male and female dynamics, the aim is to help change our perception to certain life issues that are swept under the carpet or spoken about in secret. 
With discussions ranging from domestic violence and abuse, to celebrating overcoming struggles such as financial issues and mental health problems, Perception Sessions provided a platform to let it out in a safe, creative and constructive way. 


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*DISCLAIMER* P.L.A.N.N Wholesome Empowerment Group services are NOT meant to be used as a substitute for engaging with a mental health professional. If you need signposting, please check out our additional support page or get in touch 

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